New Orleans Senior Portraits | Team 2019 NYE Shoot

New Orleans Senior Portraits | Team 2019 NYE Shoot

I’ve had senior model teams in the past, but we had never done more than one model session in the school year. We always did a group model session towards the end of summer and then we would have each model’s individual senior session during the school year. I decided to change that for the class of 2019 model team!

Baton Rouge Senior Portraits | Adeline Lebouef | E.D. White Catholic Senior

Baton Rouge Senior Portraits | Adeline Lebouef | E.D. White Catholic Senior

Adeline had one of my favorite sessions of the class of 2019! She had such unique outfits that were also full of variety! She came ready and full of confidence! Her mom made the “Senior 2019” shirt she is wearing in the end of the post! I loved the little added personal touch, and the use of confetti to end the shoot with a bang!

A Day of Summer | Class of 2019 Senior Model Session


Every year that I've had a senior model team, we've done a group model session in the summer leading up to their senior year. We've had some pretty great locations in the past but for this year I wanted to take things up a notch. Knowing the amazing group of girls I had this year, I wanted to go BIG. Only two out of my 11 senior models couldn't make it, so we had a large group to work with the whole day! We did two separate looks, 1. a poolside shoot with swimwear and cover ups and 2. a styled picnic with summer attire to match! The overall theme of the day? A Day of Summer! 

The first set of images you will see are from the first look. We shot in and around the pool area of the location we were using to get a full variety of images! I wanted everyone to wear something they were comfortable in while still keeping to the theme. Because these were being shot during the hottest hours of the day, it worked out that they were in cooler clothing. Meanwhile, I was dying the whole day because there's not much you can do when you are constantly in the summer sun shooting BUT as long as my seniors were comfortable (enough) I was happy. Overall I think the first half of the day went swimmingly (bad pun intended.)

Don't get me wrong I love the images we got from the first look, but the second look was most definitely my favorite! Buying all the props, styling the picnic, seeing it all together with my AMAZING models! Y'all I about died. It was worth all the time and effort put into planning this day. They did such a great job at putting together their outfits too. The outfit planning process is one of my favorite things about putting  together shoots. With a little inspiration the girls found such cute outfits and I know they enjoyed that part of the process too. I mean who doesn't love shopping? 

So why a picnic? The thought first came to mind when thinking about summer. I think picnics have a certain nostalgia or sentiment attached to them. We all love them or at least the idea of them. They are usually spent with people you hold dear and enjoy spending time with, much like how most people's summers are spent. And thus, the styled picnic was born for this shoot. And it was goregous. 

I'd like to thank all the moms that came to enjoy the day, my mom for dropping of the Chic fil A while I was busy shooting (you the real MVP), my sister for as(sis)ting me, Gretchen Duplantis for working her make up magic on my senior models, and Olivia Midkiff for making everyone's hair look fabulous! 


Gabe Hohensee | Senior


Guys have it easy I swear. All they have to do is put on a well fitted outfit, fix the hair, look off to the side, and then suddenly they turn into GQ models. I used to have MAJOR anxiety about shooting guys but after my shoot with Gabe, that is a thing of the past. Gabe is confident and one of the brightest people I've met! He's a Yale bulldog for a reason. Go ahead and take a look at some of our favorites from his session! 


Isabelle Barnes | Senior

Isabelle is a bright and beautiful girl who totally took me by surprise. I didn't think it was possible to have eyes as big and blue as her's! And her smile could light up a room!! She was my kick-your-shoes-off (literally and figuratively) senior that I got to hang out with even after the session ended! I got to bring her back to Baton Rouge after her session in New Orleans so she could watch her boyfriend play in the semifinal game for soccer! I was more than happy to help because I ended up going watch the game too! Way back when I was in high school I too was a soccer girlfriend so it was nice to get to relive the excitement of watching the team play, listening to the overly eager parents coach their kids from the stands. It didn't match the fun I had earlier that day though. Nothing can beat a beautiful shoot day filled with smiles, laughter, and frozen cafe au lait from Morning Call Cafe.

Sophia Robichaux | Senior


Sophia is the DIY creative QUEEN. She painted her jeans, made her "the future is female" shirt, AND she made her stellar orange dress. Even when I knew her as a little girl she was always amazing people with her creativity. Fun fact! Her mom was my high school art teacher for FOUR years! I knew it was going to be a session to remember when Sophia applied to be a senior rep! It was such a fun day catching up and making images that truly reflected Sophia: unique, creative, and full of style.